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Everfeed Website Navigation and Guide

Hello everyone, I apologize for the late post as Everfeed is currently undergoing some internal reformation and relocation as well as we are preparing for Chinese New Year Sales Product so be sure to follow us tightly!

But before that, I'm here to navigate you to our webpage so it benefit everyone who visit us and we value everyone feedback and business relationship. If you have any feedback or enquiry do drop us an email at

This is Everfeed Home Page which you will be able to see our featured news and product available on our website. Concidentally, we are hosting ESD/EOS Manufacturing Symposium 2019 @ Penang do drop us an email at for more information!

If you want to find out more about our company you can click on "About" to look at our company vision and mission as well as who we are affiliated to as we do work closely with company such as Simco, Linear Tech, Analog Device , ESD Association and so on. So if you are keen in doing a partnership with us drop us an email at

Everyone love shopping but what is most important about it. Is spending it correctly and wisely. So we provide a detailed explanation of the product we sell in our company and also input on how to install and use them. If you do encounter any issue or difficulty drop us a email at we have professional and trained technician that will be able to assist you in your matter.​

​We don't only sell product but also provide lesson and course for you or your employee to attend. There will be professional certificate given out after the completion of the course. You can insert it in your resume or profession as all this certificate is acknowledged by ESD Association and iNARTE. Smarter everyday~

We also host event and the most famous annual event that we host is ESD/EOS Manufacturing Symposium. This year 2019 we are doing it as well if you are keen to become the co-host of the event or sponsor us for this event drop us an email at

Aside from this, we are also keen in hosting any event related to ESD/EOS topics and willing to be the co-sponsor so be sure to keep us in your contact.

If you are curious of our company milestone you can refer to the Past Events which you bring you to the journey of how Everfeed is been establish.

Penang 2019 is our significant annual event of ESD/EOS Manufacturing Symposium. We dedicated a webpage for it as we are the organizer of the event and beside that we also open up registration right now for interested participant to come and take up our 1st Professional Certified Program Manager Course.

If you want to find out more information about us or wish to visit us do drop us an email at we can make the necessary arrangement.

Everfeed is also keen to hire passionate and innovative people but nonetheless we are open in welcoming anyone who like to embark on the same journey as us to a better world.

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