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ESDA Threshold Vol 28 No. 2 The requirements of logging measurements

Question) Looking at the S20.20-2007, I don’t see that there is a requirement to “log” the readings when we check the ESD worksurface or floors. However some of our customers say that it’s required that we have documented logs that show what the readings were. Our internal procedure that is based on the S20.20 only requires that we test and indicate a Pass/Fail and then sign a certificate sticker indicating acceptance. Is there a requirement thatwe log the readings for our work surfaces and floors?

Answer) In the ESDA documents pertaining to the establishment and maintenance of an ESD Control Program (ANSI ESD S20.20-2007, ESD TR20.20-2008, and

ESD TR53-01-06) there is no requirement of logging specific measurements although there is a requirement to document the measurements of all the technical elements used in your program in your Compliance Verification Plan - as described in paragraph 7.3 of

S20.20. These documents allow the flexibility to establish the plan

that works for your situation and is acceptable to your customers. Since you have a Pass/Fail criteria established against some set of parameters, it would be advisable to maintain a paper or computer based log book or record to show when the testing was done and by whom. In addition to this, however, there are facility certifications that are available through ISO 9000 Certification Bodies. Your ESD control program plan documentation must describe how you record compliance verification testing which includes the test methods you use (based on ESD Association or equivalent methods), the test equipment used (must be applicable to the test method), and who has done the measurements (have they received appropriate training to do the measurements). Your compliance verification records then become evidence that you can show your customer that you have your ESD control program is well established and performing within your own specifications. This eliminates a lot of discussion between you and your customers.


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