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ESD Association Professional Program Manager Certification

Posted on March 11, 2019


This certification is suitable for people who work in production line or assembly line especially in the IC industry.


After the certification, you will be able to set up appropriate ESD control plan that will increase your company profit margin as well as production rate. Upon graduation from this course you will be able to conduct audit in your factory, assess the right methodology to adopt in factory, evaluation technique and guidance.


ESD control can elevate a company profile and not only that it can resolve typical issue that always happen in plan such as circuit board failure, abnormal phenomenon happened after Quality Check (QC), unexplained burn mark on circuit board and so on.


People who are keen to work in IC industry, Logistic Industry, Production Industry (Plastic bag, etc.)

Upon completing all the pre-requisite and examination, you will obtain an certification that is acknowledged by ESD Association which you can put in your portfolio or other respective publication.


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